Your ultimate checklist to save up to $2,000 a year in hidden charges.

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With this checklist you will achieve

  • Achieve your goals by defining your financial objectives and creating an action plan. and creating an action plan.
  • Understand your finances by sorting out your priority expenses and extra expenses.
  • Determine the ideal bank for you according to your needs and objectives.
  • Discover hidden fees (or hidden fees) that banks charge without you noticing.
  • Saving money every month with the tricks to avoid or solve those hidden costs.
book with the fees charged by the banks
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Discover those small expenses that banks charge or deduct from your or deduct from your account without you noticing and impact your income.

Have you often wondered when reviewing your bank statements? there are small amounts that you don't know where they come from?

Yes, we've all been there. It's called hidden costs and it refers specifically to the charge for some transaction that you didn't anticipate.

But, when you add up that "small" amount every month, it turns out that it is not so small anymore.

So how do you avoid these hidden charges from your bank?

PANA will help you save money by identifying those little charges that banks make that you don't usually notice.

Our goal at PANA is to be your ally in that dream you had when you immigrated to the United States: financial freedom.

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