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Pana Ebook for immigrants

A Guide for Latino Immigrants in the U.S.

What every Pana should know to build credit and achieve the American dream.

Tips to improve finances

5 challenges to improve your finances

Learn how to manage your finances with Pana, as a U.S. Latino immigrant.

How to improve your savings

Checklist to save up to $2,000 a year in hidden charges

Discover those little expenses that banks charge without you noticing and impact your income.


Pana Ebook for immigrants

Tax Return Frequently Asked Questions

Every year, from January through April, U.S. residents must comply with the obligation to report their earnings.

Pana Ebook for immigrants

5 tips for entrepreneurs and startups in the U.S.

Entrepreneurship is a very challenging thing in itself, and even more complex if you do it outside your home country.

Pana Ebook for immigrants

Pricing in the United States: A Guide for Latino Immigrants

Learn about the most common prices in the United States, to understand what is a fair price and what is not when you arrive as an immigrant.

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