A Guide for Latino Immigrants in the U.S.

What every PANA needs to know to build credit and achieve the American dream.

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Are you coming to the United States and have no idea what credit is, let alone how to build it?

Imagine that when you design a building you do not build the foundations strong enough to support the whole building. Possibly in a short time it will end up collapsing. What a scare!

Well, credit works exactly the same way.

Without a solid foundation from the beginning, it would not be possible to build your credit in the United States.

Woman with credit card and cell phone

Learn the basic steps to build a loan

You want to achieve the American dream by buying a home or starting a business.

You want to visualize a goal that will allow you to optimize your financial stability in the USA.

Our team of panas has created this e-book with the purpose of helping you build this new stage with clearer goals.

But, above all, PATIENCE.

Just as a building is not built in a day, it will take time to build your credit.

In this e-book we will address:

The basic steps that will help you achieve your dreams in this country, with financial security and confidence.

Your short, medium and long term goals in the United States.

What is a credit score

How the credit score is constructed

The importance of building a good credit score in the U.S.

Ebook guide for Latino immigrants in the USA

From now on, we anticipate that having an optimal credit will help you achieve goals such as renting a better home to live in, buying a vehicle, buying a house or building your own business.

And with this guide in your hands, you will know how to achieve it.

If you have a PANA who is coming to the United States, share the e-book and join them on their new journey.

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